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Rich Tallman

  • Educational background Anthropology and Organization Behavior
  • Global Portfolio Director and facilitator with the Center for Creative Leadership C-suite offering, Leadership at the Peak
  • Partnered with global/international companies & organizations in a variety of industries in the for profit, government, and nongovernmental entity worlds. Including AT&T, Schneider Electric, IMC, Entergy, Argonne National Labs, TesoroAndeavor, Bank of America, RBC, as well branches of the US military
  • Organizational: Roles as internal manager and external consultant
  • Certified in a variety of 360 feedback assessments, personality assessments, and simulation exercises
  • Certified coach with the Center for Creative Leadership focusing on senior and high potential leaders
  • Current faculty with Center for Creative Leadership, Mountain States Employers Council, Apollo Group

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Focused on facilitating conversations to advance better leadership at all levels of a company or organization
  • Helping organizations understand the role of culture in how change does/does not occur

My message

  • Starve your distractions and feed your focus.
  • The answer to the question of “how do I do it …” is one word.   “Yes” - Peter Block
  • People work to do their best; leaders need to ensure they support those efforts.
  • When asked by General Motors CEO Alfred P Sloan “What do you do with unmotivated and unproductive workers?”, manufacturing quality guru W. Edwards Deming responded, ‘First, did you hire them that way or make them way?’ The best way to solve a problem is to start with a question … ”How am I part of the problem?” 
  • Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real