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Natalie Rosengart

  • University Diploma in Business Administration (Mannheim, Germany)
  • Professional experience in retail, insurance and telecommunication
  • Experience in consulting and project management as in-house consultant on organizational development projects and as Head of the human resource development in human resource projects and change projects
  • Experience in leading employees as line manager
  • Additional training in project management, process management, transactional analysis, group dynamics and coaching
  • Since 2008 at Munich Leadership Group (MLG client since 2002)

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Supporting teams and companies in strategic and organizational changes
  • Team member as expert in change processes (management of change)
  • Designing and moderating workshops and big group events
  • Performance Management (target agreement systems, feedback- and assessment systems)
  • Leadership Development (developing, training, coaching)
  • Talent management / succession planning
  • Human resources strategies, organizations and processes

My message

  • Fear is the enemy of innovation and growth – Encouraging self confidence and confidence in others is indispensable
  • Autonomy – understood as being responsible of creating the environment you need, in order to deliver high performance – is one of the most important issues
  • Appreciation – not finger pointing at others, but recognizing their ideas and abilities and concentrating on getting the best solutions together as a team.
  • My target – being inspiring, pushing forward development and helping people and organizations to deliver the best in order to satisfy and exceed the customer needs

E-mail: rosengart@munichleadership.com