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Monica Ambrosini

  • Studies in Business Administration (MSc University Luigi Bocconi, Milan, Italy), in Organizational Psychology (MA University La Cattolica, Milan, Italy), and in Developmental Psychology (BA University La Cattolica, Milan, Italy)
  • Certified Psychologist, Italy
  • Professional Experience in FMCG industry as CFO and in a variety of sectors as Management Consultant including FMCG, Industrial Manufacturing, Food Service, Health and Pharmaceutical, Fashion
  • Experience in leading teams as an executive and in running in-house projects
  • ICF certified coach
  • Additional training in Program for Executive Development (IMD – Lausanne), Systemic Team Coaching (AoEC, London), Immunity to change (Minds at works, Boston, MET), Shadow coaching (Donna Karlin, Canada)

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Supporting Team leaders and their teams in change processes
  • Design and facilitation of Leadership development programs
  • Executive coaching
  • Executive assessments
  • Work in partnership with professional artists to support organizations and teams to innovate and transform themselves (i.e. Graphic facilitator, Orchestra conductor, Actors and Directors)

My message

  • Creativity and exploration are my mantra and I encourage others to pursue them as much as possible in their life and in their jobs
  • Efficiency is enemy of excellence: you must do it, re-do it, do it again without measuring any return on investment
  • Leadership is about being passionate and crazy to dare your dreams and open new paths although nobody else is supporting your vision. A leader must gain collective efforts to bring the dream to become a reality; he needs to have others inspired and trustful enough to believe and act to make things become true.
  • Don’t try to invest all your energy in improving your weaknesses; you won’t get major results. Find a job where your spikes are crucial and keep your flaws within an “acceptable” level.

E-mail: ambrosini@munichleadership.com