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Jutta Juliane Meier

  • Diplom-Kauffrau; studies in economic sciences, focused on Marketing & Organization
  • Founder & CEO überzeugend-einfach. // convincingly-simple. Digital transformation consultancy since 2009
  • Co-Founder Roboy & Lucy, an educational initiative on AI & Ethics addressing children, beginners & executives
  • Strategic advisor and shareholder KEYP GmbH
  • Strategic advisor, start-up coach & mentor to TechFounders Accelerator, PeakZone Accelerator, and TUM HyperLoop Mobility Team

Focus of work

  • Consulting, training and connecting people (executives & nerds)
  • Leadership skills and development in a digital age
  • Start-up ecosystems & entrepreneurial landscapes
  • Combining human and artificial resources in a sustainable and humane way
  • Digital transformation methodologies & strategic guidelines
  • Silicon Valley mind- & toolsets: Building bridges to Germany

My message

What location is to real estate, collaboration is to digital transformation. I love to 'translate and simplify' between players who are becoming more and more equally relevant in the future: startups and corporations, digital natives & digital immigrants. Supporting them to converge, grow and recognize the best of both worlds is what motivates me day by day.