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Hubert Heindl

  • M.A. in Education, Sociology and Psychology: Universities of Nuremberg and Regensburg/Germany, Aberdeen/GB and National University of Rwanda
  • 1983-1994: International Development Co-operation. Director of Africa Department (Eirene, Neuwied/RFA), Consultant and Trainer in socio-economic Development Projects (Niamey, Niger)
  • From 1994: Trainer and Coach in Team Performance, Leadership Impact, Change Management, Transcultural Competences (Group BMW, different UNOs, Ministries in Germany and Vietnam)
  • Associate Partner with Munich Leadership Group

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Create and facilitate efficient learning: adult learning, group dynamics, socio-pedagogic didactics
  • Train (‘cognitive’) and exercise (‘behavior’) in concepts, tools, procedures and mechanisms to enhance performance in efficiency and results: objective orientated leadership, work in synergy and networking, successful communication
  • Initiate and accompany development and change (‘attitude’): coaching of leaders and teams, enhance performance and behavior towards personnel development and team results
  • Communication and transcultural/international Co-operation
  • HRD and management of work process and mechanism
  • Training of Trainers, Action-Research, Impact Evaluation

My message

Development is created by Man and through Man.

„A man who had not seen Mr. K. for a long time greeted him: “You have not changed at all …“. „Oh!“ said Mr. K. and turned pale …“ (B. Brecht) Maintaining and enhancing performance needs continuous adjustment, even breaking away from well established procedures: this provokes a feeling of discomfort, even fear, both on individual and institutional level. Therefore, my trainings and incentives focus on the person as it is he or she to conduct transformation and to manage adjustment through his or her engagement, courage, knowledge and behavior: the level of these competences predicts success and future.

I enjoy pursuing goals.

„If I give food to the poor, they will say I am a Saint. If I ask, why they have no food, they will say I am a Communist!“ (Dom Helder Camara)
My experience in international development projects (in Africa) still earmarks motivation and commitment to my trainings and intervention. I learned how important it is to focus on basics and core issues at stake. That is why I enjoy accompanying those who are ready to shape actively the future and their responsibility for it: I offer support to step out from stagnation, to discover new potentials, to invest new commitment and new knowledge for beneficial transformation.