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Frank Brüggestrat

  • Master in Business Administration at Ruhr University Bochum
  • Certified trainer and business change coach
  • More than 25 years of experience in human resources management and general management 
  • Vice President Human Resources Norsk Hydro Central Europe
  • Senior Vice President ThyssenKrupp Automotive AG and ThyssenKrupp Steel AG
  • Chief Human Ressources Officer ThyssenKrupp Marine Systems AG
  • CHRO and Member of Executive Board ThyssenKrupp AG, BA Stainless Steel
  • Managing Director Outokumpu Nirosta GmbH and Outokumpu EMEA GmbH
  • Chief Human Ressources Officer Outokumpu BA EMEA

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Expert for human resources- and change-management
  • Leadership in transformation processes
  • Implementation of strategic organizational changes
  • Restructuring and re-organization
  • Implementation of agile processes and organizations
  • Change performance coaching

My message

  • Say what you think. Do what you say. Be what you do.
  • When you combine this basic rule with an attitude of simplicity and clarity you will reach maximal change performance.

Email: brueggestrat@munichleadership.com