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Dr. Ulrich Albrecht-Früh

  • Apprenticeship as welder
  • Studies in process engineering with doctoral degree from RWTH Aachen
  • R&D experience in leading international projects
  • CEO of an greenfield start up in Alabama/ USA
  • CTO and board member of ThyssenKrupp Stainless and Outokumpu
  • Co-active Coach at Coaches Training Institute, CTI
  • Start Up Consultant and MentorCoach
  • Connected to Munich Leadership Group since 2002

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Leadership skills and development
  • Team development
  • Transition coaching
  • Inter cultural leadership
  • Change management processes
  • Startup management processes
  • Restructuring processes

My message

I am very familiar with great successes and big disasters! And I believe both are essential ingredients for a complete life – in particular the disasters. Over the years in corporate leadership functions I was involved in many projects and worked in multiple international groups. Here is what I found: It is all about having the right people at the right position. This is not new but definitely a complex task for leaders and an objective outside view is highly recommended. Based on my experience as mentor and the education as Coactive Coach I found it very fulfilling to support individuals and teams in that process.

E-mail: albrecht-frueh@munichleadership.com