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Angelita Orbea

  • Master and bachelor degree of business administration
  • Master degree in consulting, Ashridge Business School and Middlesex University
  • British Psychological Society Qualification, Levels A & B
  • More than ten years of experience as a consultant and executive coach in various sectors
  • Facilitator of large group events, board meetings and team development sessions

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Leadership Development
  • High Performance Teamwork
  • Culture Change
  • Coaching Skills

My message

  • My passion is to support individuals, teams and organizational development.
  • I believe that one of the most effective interventions is to support leaders to develop a deeper awareness of their own patterns and behaviors, in the service of developing their own leadership capability and resilience. My clients say I particularly excel at co-creating with them a safe and stimulating space for them to work at a deep level.

E-mail: orbea@munichleadership.com