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MLG Facts and Figures

Munich Leadership Group is the core team in a global network of leadership experts. We help organizations find solutions to the leadership challenges they must face today and in the future. In working with you, we are as large or as small and as international or as local as your task requires.

Purpose: Empowering best performance
Mission: We make you work smarter, better, and happier
Founded: 2008
Legal Structure: GmbH & Co. KG registered in Germany; LLC registered in the U.S.
Industry Focus: None. We transfer our successful methods to companies in all industries

Main background of MLG consultants and facilitators:

Business administration; psychology; political science; law; neurosciences; social sciences; communication; economics and educational sciences; Universities e.g. in Germany, Sweden, Austria, Italy, China, the United States

Additional qualifications:

Certified in Transactional Analysis (TA); Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP); Gestalt and Drama therapy; Co-Active Coaching; NeuroScience; and more

Intellectual property:

Leadership Systems (Backbone Leadership®); comprehensive consulting/ training/ coaching materials; numerous behavioural exercises and business simulations (experiential learning); standardized leadership processes; teaching methods and systems; Learning Journeys; Blended Learning methods and tools; HPTI High Performance Team Index; The Leading Brain® neuro-scientific methods and tools applied to leadership and transformation in organizations

Psychometric licenses:

MBTI®; HDI®; DISG®; KOLBE®; TKI; StrengthsFinder®; NeuroColor®; The Leading Brain® systems; and many other psychometric tools

Additional Facts:

  • Number of professionals: 50+
  • Number of nationalities on core team: 10+
  • Number of languages at native speaker level: 12+
  • Number of current clients: 80+
  • Share of international clients: > 94%
  • Share of clients with more than 5,000 employees: > 72%
  • Number of workshops and training seminars delivered: 15,500+
  • Number of countries MLG services have been delivered in: 31
  • Number of clients lost since 2008: 1
  • Number of managers coached/trained in total: 142,000+
  • Average annual revenue growth: 12%


Munich Leadership Group GmbH & Co KG, Theresienhöhe 13A, D-80339 Munich +49 89 413191-0; info@munichleadership.com; www.munichleadership.com

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