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How We Work

Global reach – local availability

Our engagements are tailored to meet the needs of clients large and small. Whether you require a couple of MLG experts for a few days, or our whole team to deliver an experiential program in 81 countries. We've got you covered internationally, while preserving a local focus. Whatever your requirements, you will get the full benefit of our comprehensive MLG network. With professionals on three continents, facilitators from diverse disciplines, and the ability to deliver in all major languages, we deliver support wherever you need us.

Strengths based

We know that focusing on strengths ignites the ultimate performance boost. Whenever we create high performing teams, or help individuals become their best selves, we analyze individual talents and their personal ecosystem to create the best possible match. We work strategically to strengthen strengths – and make weaknesses less important. Powerful development measures help turn our clients' potential into performance.

Innovation Minded

MLG is continuously reinventing itself. Success today might be failure tomorrow. We help our clients become agile and aware. Entrepreneurial and innovational mindsets are the core of our activities. We get inspiration from the hotspot of disruptive innovation; our office in Silicon Valley. We utilize our U.S. sister company GSVI, German Silicon Valley Innovators Inc., to create first hand opportunities for our clients to experience innovational mindsets and how to implement them.

Customized execution

Challenges of companies and teams are very diverse and ambiguous. We tailor every project to create the best fit for maximum performance. The result is the highest possible impact on achieving the goals - which we define together with our clients. This is the reason we were awarded the Brandon Hall Excellence Award 2015 in the category Best Advance in Performance Management.

What we can do for you