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4 Factors of Change

We appreciate Kotter‘s omnipresent 8-step-model of change. But motivation for sustainable change is deeply subjective. Whenever resistance emerges, we know how to identify, measure, and overcome the subjective reasons in order to make the magic happen. According to our most successful MLG model, we scrutinize the impact of 4 subjective drivers for each key player involved before we develop an irresistible transformation strategy and action plan

  1. How attractive is the targeted state for each key player involved?
  2. What will be the consequences of “doing nothing” (e.g. staying in the comfort zone) for him/her?
  3. How does he/she subjectively assess their own knowledge and skills that are required in the new situation to come?
  4. How does he/she subjectively assess how far the environment will provide support to him/her during the transformation?

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