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Why Mlg?

Unbeatable professional experience

Since 2008 we have supported leading companies on all topics to create great leadership – rewarded with an outstanding reputation and awarded by professional institutions – we have designed and delivered thousands of tailor-made programs on leadership, change and transformation to major corporations around the world. Our team is diverse: 50+ experts from more than 10 nationalities with different educational backgrounds and industrial experience ensuring the most pragmatic solutions for all our clients’ unique challenges. We always collaborate closely with our clients’ specialists in all stages of our projects. Side by side, we elaborate on the alternatives resulting in the creation of the best design and deployment of the most powerful and effective delivery.

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Science-based solutions and approaches

Leadership is a science, not an art – our work is based on psychology, neuroscience and a strong focus on culture and innovation. Our predominant principle is creating solutions that work. What often looks easy and fun during the delivery has, on a case-by-case basis, been developed in a focused and scientifically precise way. We are independent and not bound to any certain “dogma”. In order to stay on top of scientific insight, we collaborate with network partners, e.g. UC Berkeley, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford, and the Max-Planck-Institute. We see ourselves as fast learners and sparring partners for our clients to mutually master each challenge with superior results

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Respect and independence are core values

Our work is rooted in a solid value system: integrity and trust are the keys to top performance. Our value system is the strong foundation for our work. Two values are of particular importance to us: respect and independence. Respecting all different individual backgrounds, diverse beliefs, and complementary talents, leads to thorough strengths orientation. We believe in good intentions and see the positives. Independence means to us to be free of preconceptions: we always go for the best solution for our clients, disregarding any political influences. We give open and honest feedback to each other, and to our clients. And we only recommend those activities that create significant and sustainable value

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