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Martin Spütz

  • Studies in business administration at the University of Mannheim, Germany, with a focus on industrial and international management, and at Portland State University, USA, with a focus on management and leadership
  • Professional experience at Deutsche Bank in Mannheim
  • NLP Master Practitioner, EFQM facilitator, additional training in therapy-related areas (NLP and transaction analysis, etc.)

Focus of consulting and training work

  • Supporting change processes as a consultant, developing the “change script” in close cooperation with the project managers
  • Transferring know-how and providing training in leadership skills and management tools in a number of industries and their various corporate cultures
  • Workshop facilitation and support in achieving corporate goals
  • Close and individual support for executives and high-performing teams to help them resolve personal and professional bottlenecks
  • Simulating everyday corporate life and specific business situations with outdoor activities, and addressing the professional aspects of the often intense personal experiences that result from these activities

My message

  • Choose what you’ve got
  • There’s no sense in focusing on what’s wrong that you’re working for the wrong company or have the wrong boss, profession, partner or body, the wrong friends (or none at all), that you’re living in the wrong city, etc. Choose what is. If you accept your reality, then you can change it.

Freedom and responsibility

  • Many people dream of freedom, and feel trapped by the obligations of daily work. However, not having to work, being able to do what you want, and sipping cocktails under palm trees is not freedom, it’s vacation.
  • The road to freedom is paved with responsibility. The more responsibility you take on, the freer you become. If you accept full responsibility for the consequences of your actions, then you are the one who is making the decisions, and you are free.

Goals and visions

  • A goal is like a railroad track: it provides direction for your actions. A goal can be something very personal, something that you want to achieve and that concerns only you.
  • A vision energizes your actions. It is bigger than a goal. A vision contributes to the lives and efforts of others. Successful people frequently describe the awareness that they are making a contribution as the source of their happiness.
  • Edison’s goal was to invent the light bulb. His vision was to give people light. Lindbergh’s goal was to make it to Paris. His vision was transatlantic civil aviation. Igor Sikorsky’s goal was to make it possible to control helicopter motion. His vision was to rescue people in emergency situations.

E-mail: spuetz@munichleadership.com